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Marian Memorial Chapels Services

We, at Marian Memorial Chapels, wish to convey our deepest condolences for the loss of your loved one. If given the opportunity, we would extend the best personalized service that you and your family deserve.

At Marian Memorial Chapels, our aim is to provide you with the service you expect and deserve, merchandise of the highest quality, and a total price that is fair and reasonable.

Marian’s Complete Service Package

This service includes the cadaver pick-up; body preparation (embalming); casket selected by the family; up to five days viewing; suitable chapel with private room & restroom; suitable funeral equipment for viewing; suitable hearse for interment; processing of burial permit; a complimentary copy of Death Certificate; a complimentary flower arrangement (for direct cases only); complimentary MMCI Guest Books, Pens, and Thank You cards; free Wi-Fi internet access; free online obituary in Marian Chapels website and Facebook page; free collage or video presentation based on client’s pictures; and round the clock availability of Marian Service Specialist and Service Crews.

Your floral tributes will be displayed however you wish. Moreover, you are encouraged to bring in photographs and other memorabilia to further personalize your chosen chapel.

MMCI also offers Cremation Service Packages to suit your needs.


Marian’s Chapel Rental Arrangement

Marian is not in the business of renting its chapels.  However, if the bereaved family wishes to have their loved ones viewed at Marian Chapels even after initial services have been rendered by a different funeral service provider, Marian may grant the family’s wish provided the chapel they like is available.


Marian’s Family Van Rental

Again, Marian is not in the business of renting vehicles.  However, if the family of the deceased is in need of a service vehicle to shuttle guests and other relatives during interment, Marian may rent its two Family Vans provided the vans are available.


Marian’s Direct Cremation

Some families may wish to have their loved ones directly cremated (without embalming) straight from the hospital.  Causes of death that are highly contagious are usually required to be cremated directly from the hospital by doctors and the Department of Health.  This has been made possible by crematoriums that are open 24 hours.  Marian can facilitate this service since it has ties with several crematoriums.  The only other major concern with this service is the filing of necessary paperwork/permit with government agencies.

Should the family choose to view the “cremains” (cremated remains) at Marian Chapels after direct cremation, Marian may accommodate the arrangement as well.


Marian’s FREE Services

Marian has a professional Grief Counselor and his services are available to everyone who wish to take advantage of it during the wake or even after the interment.  The family simply needs to setup an appointment with him.

Marian can provide your family with a powerpoint/video presentation of your loved one to be played using Marian’s projector during the last night of the wake.  The family simply needs to provide our Service Crews with pictures of their loved one and the songs they wish to play together with the presentation.

Marian can publish an online obituary of your loved one in its webpage and facebook page.

Marian can provide internet access to your laptop and/or smartphones which can be used to share the wake with your family and friends who cannot attend the wake.